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        CS1 Sterile Tissue Grinders for Standard Grinding

        ? Closed system protects you and your sample

        ? Convenient and easy-to-use

        ? Engineered for performance

        CS1 Sterile Tissue Grinders are easy to use and designed for your safety.Tissues are ground within a sealed container to minimize the risk of personalcontact - exposure to sample aerosols is eliminated. Narrow pestles eliminate the potential of sample overflow common with other types of grinders. The moldedin abrasive surface on the pestle tip leaves no sediment to obstruct sampleexamination. Each grinder comes with a fully assembled pestle, a conical sample tube with solid top cap, an adhesive identification label and an instruction card. All are gamma sterilized in easy-open packs. Tubes are made of PP, pestles are 30%glass-filled PP and caps are HDPE.


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